80+ Good Succulents Pots Arrangement Tips to Make It More Beauty Ideas

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Succulents ideas are a nice addition to your home. If you know how to arrange them, surely it will make your space looks stand out. Well, when you decide to add succulents to your space, it is challenging because you have to choose the best succulents for adding a splash of colors.

So, the first thing you should do is color. It is so much fun if you can arrange your succulents based on common patterns or colors. For example, if you have an artistic interest, it is good to display your good succulentsto create good color schemes. It is good to know that some of them are monochromatic, means they have one single color. Going with monochromatic means you should arrange based on textures and shapes.

Or, you can do another technique like an analogous color scheme. Here, you need a few different colors. After that, you can group the succulents based on a color wheel. You can go with blue and purple, green, orange, yellow and green, just like that.

It looks great if you can do something like complementary shades for your good succulents ideas. It means that you only go with colors against each other based on the color wheel. For example, you will arrange red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange.

Even better, you can use thriller succulent just like tall, large, spikey that add a dramatic look from other succulents. Meanwhile, filler succulents will make up the bulk for the arrangement. When you combine spikey and fuller succulents, then it will complete each other to create great visual interest. But still, you should concern about the texture and the color.

Do you need more ideas? Well, you can try to make something more such as adding more ideas in various shapes, textures, and colors by checking our galleries. We provide you a few collections of images about it to help you arrange.

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