65+ Incredible French Country Dining Room Design Ideas

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French country dining room means that you are about adding natural materials, toile fabrics, and touches of gold. Even better, you can use muted colors, extravagant lighting, tapestries, and others in a rustic touch. In fact, it is possible to have modern French and eclectic style to the classic choices. For example, you can go to the dining room of Cape Cod Estate. You can create it with a rug that looks like a sea grass. This is good to cover the floor. Additionally, you will need reupholstered chairs to keep the traditional look.

Next, it is good to give a timeless taste to the dining room. You can add more warmth to the area with tall upholstered furniture in bright and playful tones. Other than that, adding distressed touch to the area looks good, too. Additionally, there is french country dining room with grand lighting. This is the best way to give more statements to the room. It is better to have gorgeous and large antique lighting to complete the tone of the entire space of the dining room. Even better, you can combine it with the stone tiles for the floor, exposed beams, and also a console table that has a country rustic design.

Who says that french country dining room looks boring? In fact, when you try to have vintage dining room, you can start by adding table from mahogany. After that, you can support it with antique chairs. If you do not know where to find antique chairs, you can spend your time and go at a flea market.

Other than that, you can start designing your french country dining room by having exposed brick walls in white. Also, you can support the floor with stone tiles to give a country chic touch to the area. Even better, it looks great when you add wrought-iron furniture.

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