28 +Fabulous Front Yard Rock Garden Ideas

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Front yard rock garden is possible to create in different ways such as sprawling, natural creations, or faux dried river beds. So, when you want to make a rock garden to complete your front yard, you can choose the best choice that meets your personal preference. But, it is good to consider the available space and rock you have.

What if you have a small area? Then, it is good to choose a simple rock garden with a round bed design from select rocks. The reason to choose this design is that it can complete any area. If you have a solid plan for that, it does not take time to maintain, too. Before creating your front yard rock garden, it is good to choose the perfect spot. If necessary, you need to clear the area.

So, there should be no organic material, including grass. You need to dig up any plants below the roots. The goal is to avoid any new shoots later in the rock garden. Keep in mind that you should add sandy oil inside the area first to provide good drainage. It does not a problem if you have clayey soil. It is good to add sand and compost to promote more drainage.

Additionally, you need to choose the right plants for your front yard rock garden. To start, you have to choose by deciding the right color scheme that can complete your rocks. You can go with red sandstone for example. Then, you need to add some plants in red, silver, yellow, and other complementary colors. The challenge when you choose plants based on colors is also about plants that can deal with well-drained soil. Make sure that the plants have similar requirements for maintenance and watering. You should consider whether the plants have similar sunlight requirements or not.

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