13+ Cool Ways Ideas to Hide TV

They can even be a sign of status, if you can get the luxury of displaying a large, shining horizontal display that spans your entire wall. That is, however, not necessarily true. At times you might get a smaller TV which you merely keep around for sensible reasons and really does not fit nicely with the theme of your room decoration. Other times, you might not be pleased with this, and prefer not having everybody see the offending item.

And there are those times when you have a TV which you require sometimes, but do not really have a place to leave it eternally, not to mention it would be one more thing that you or your maid service could need to clean regularly. So that you seethere are a whole lot of reasons why you may have to keep your own TV concealed or in storage. And the fantastic thing is there are numerous techniques to do it as well.

Hazela Elvira