110+ Lovely And Simply To Try DIY Polymer Clay Fairy Garden Ideas

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Do you want to create a fairy garden? Well, you can start creating it by using polymer clay. But, before we are talking too far about it, let us ask you. Do you know what polymer clay is? So, it is polyvinyl chloride. This is a material made of plastic that will not get hard until you bake it. Also, we are using this material to make many things such as crafts and arts like jewelry, figurines, and doll making. Now, the question is do you know how to create a garden with fairy-theme from polymer clay?

Here, you can check our galleries to get more information about the clay. As you see that you can knead of clay so it is soft and pliable. This is good so you can start working with the clay and remove the air inside the clay. Doing this is also important because it will make the clay is more durable. Keep in mind that if you want to make large objects from clay to complete your fairy garden ideas, you should use a pasta machine. It means that you can save your time without having to knead the clay with your hands a lot.

Just in case you want to use large clay pieces, make sure that you add an inner structure. This is important so the clay still has a good form and ensures its durability. For example, you can use aluminum foil or wire as the common fillers. Other than that, you can use polymer clay from the previous projects, whether it is baked or not. Remember that clay is a dense material. So, it is good to add heavy-gauge wire anytime you want to hold the clay for your fairy garden. Since clay is waterproof, you don’t have to add a glaze but it will give a shiny look to your piece.

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