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It isn’t important whether the home or flat you start off is beautifully decorated, hideously supplied, or totally empty. Thoughtful redecoration can alter any such place in to the trendy abode of your dreams. Interior designer Jean Malnory did precisely that for the old flat in Oslo. Use the built-in architectural characteristics of the home and mixing them together with his intellectual vision, Malnory generated a functional inside layout in a modern industrial style, just as he’d always desired.

The flat is inhabited by furniture and decorations colored black, white, and colors of grey. An individual may feel this could create the space seem crude and lifeless, but that is obviously not the case. The color plot is indicative of the black-and-white drawings by M. C. Escher, providing the area a modern and voguish ambiance. Subtle decorations, for example the geometric design of infinite cubes on the mat in front of the sink, bring about the appearance.
The sofas and chairs are carefully chosen for their leather substances. These substances don’t seem as comfortable as the plush microfiber upholstery which is frequently found in luxury apartments, but this option was created on function, as the sleek shiny leather provides an industrial facet to augment the modern texture. In this sense, every facet of the home was selected to communicate chic style over ostentatious pleasure.

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